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Sling Hires

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Why hire a sling?

Did you know you can borrow slings from our sling library to try out and about for yourself? 

Buying a sling or carrier is a bit like buying a car. Lots of people are going to recommend different styles and brands, but what is most important is that it fits you and your little one, as well as suiting your lifestyle and needs.

So just like buying a car, it's always better if you can test drive it for yourself first before committing to a purchase.

We currently have over 50 slings to choose from!

Hire Fees

All of our library slings/carriers can be hired on a 2 or 4 weekly basis for a small fee.

2 week hire - £5

4 week hire - £8

You can hire a sling at our babywearing workshops and sling library sessions with Babywearing Consultant Laura. You can also come along for a fit check with your own sling. 


All fees from the sling library are put back into our service.

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