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Our Vision

Our vision is hub for pregnant people and new parents where they can access all the support they need in one place.

Our values: About Me

Our Mission

Our mission is creating a community for pregnant people and new parents. A community where they get evidence-base information, make informed choices & feel empowered.

Our values: About Me

Our Values

Holistic - we are holistic in our approach, we take into account individual needs & goals. 

Knowledge - we provide evidence-base information, we are continuously learning & expanding our knowledge.

Connection - we create a space where people can connect with others, we love to share, listen & collaborate. 

Care - we are passionate about what we do, we care & we are here to help. 

Ethical & Responsible -  we reuse & reduce waste where we can. We are sustainable & we care about the environment. 

Our values: About Me
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